Maxvita Foods (India) Private Limited

About Maxvita Foods (India) Private Limited

Once upon a time 🕛, a bunch of potatoes 🥔🥔 were discussing the dream of every potato to turn into something delicious & yum! Then came along our director, Jijy Mathew with a wonderful vision💡. He had the idea 💭 to turn these adorable potatoes into crunchy flavorsome Maxvita chips. 😋 When the potatoes heard👂🏻this, they started bouncing with excitement. 🥳🎉
Their dream had finally come true! 👏🏻

Today, Maxvita Foods is one of the leading ☝🏼 snacks foods manufacturing companies in South India. Having started its modern manufacturing unit in Mysore Karnataka in the year 2013, Maxvita is now a major supplier to states around South😊

A Happy Potato Is A Maxvita Potato!

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" No 48, Behind NIE IT North, Hebbal 2nd Phase Industrial Area, Mandya District, Karnataka 571606."