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Lannia Food Products
Lannia Food Products, operating under the renowned brand name “Dophie,” is your one-stop destination for premium quality food and wellness products. We specialize in offering a diverse range of items,...
Growers and wholesalers of Exotic Fresh Flowers – Joy Alexander, Holy Family Forane Church, Hongasandra. Based in Bengaluru, India FLOWER DEPOT ( FOUR SEASONS FLOWER DEPOT PVT LTD.)  was setin...
Art and Craft works Including Paintings, Bottle Arts, Paper Crafts, Clay Crafts, Best from Waste. I also conduct Online and Offline Art and Craft Workshops for any age group. Also...
Nimisha’s Magic Bakes and Confectioneries
Home made , healthy, preservative free bakes like Cakes( both simple ans customised). All types of customisation for all types of events like Holy Communion, Baptism, Wedding and Engagement functions...
Lizy Auntys Kitchen
A food service and catering company which provides delicious meals and event catering services for various occasions. We are specialised in creating customised menu and delivering exceptional dining experiences. –...
SimplyPretty Creations
ABOUT USWe are a Mother-Daughter Duo from Bangalore, India with a shared passion for crafting beautiful items.Our team consists solely of the two of us, and we handle everything in-house.We...

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